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      That's Right!

      Buying a Silverissimo Collection jewel will help us to make a difference by conserving and planting trees where they are needed to help save animal lives (and ours!). 

      We don't simply want to reduce the negative impact of natural habitat destruction, deforestation and irresponsible forestry, we want to use these issues as fuel to completely revitalize what it means to be environmentally friendly.

      By changing our environment and spreading awareness, we at Silverissimo are hoping to contribute to a global change with our partner 8BillionTrees. 

      To date, 8 Billion Trees has planted of over 644,212 trees around the globe and has supported the conservation of more than 83,000 acres of existing forest. 

      Additionally, they fund a Wildlife Conservation Center near the Amazon Rainforest where they save hurt animals. (cit.


      Silverissimo will plant a tree every jewel sold thanks to a collaboration with