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      Silverissimo ® is a very small family business created in London (UK) by Alberto La Barbera.

      After many years in an office job, Alberto became a father of 2, and resigned to look after the children.

      He had a lifelong dream of creating a family business together his family. Silverissimo Vintage was born. They sourced vintage Italian art in silver in search for a new homeSilverissimo® original spirit was to spread love for the "Made in Italy" by reusing pieces of art that would have otherwise disappeared. 

      After some initial success, Alberto decided to create an in-house line of new products, completely designed from scratch by him: Silverissimo ® Collection & Tails™.  

      Silverissimo Collection is a line of gorgeous lockets and larger daring pendants, all made in Sterling Silver 925 and genuine stones by Swarovski.


      Tails™ is a line of smaller cute and original double sided 3D sterling silver pendants of animals with personality

      Silverissimo ® is dedicated to help the environment and has made the compromise to plant 1 tree for each purchase and use the maximum of natural reusable material for the packaging, in order to stay carbon positive. 


      Silverissimo Collection Sterling Silver 925 and Swarovski Stones Lockets