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      Ultra-Limited Edition Kaleidoscope Necklace

      Make a charismatic statement with our exclusive Kaleidoscope necklace, a chic large round pendant made of sterling silver and boasting hundreds of genuine Premium Swarovski zirconia stones.

      Kaleidoscope is smooth on your skin and made of a complex cluster sleek sides, either in Swarovski stones and silver. Even in dimmed lights, the pendant reflects remarkably and catches your eyes.

      Kaleidoscope is inspired by the original child game, where children deliberately want to see the world with different shapes and colours. The name in Greek literally means “observing beautiful shapes”, and it is evident that beauty is profoundly embedded in the roots of Kaleidoscope.

      Kaleidoscope is a filter to see the world with chic and fantasy.

      Silverissimo Collection was created by our in-house Italian designer, who is passionate about modernising lockets.

      Kaleidoscope is a available in an ultra-limited edition of 50 pieces.

      For each purchase a tree will be planted on your behalf, in collaboration with OneBillionTrees. 

      Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope